Advanced Website monitor Uptime v1.4.4

Website Monitor
Website Monitor

Website monitor tool always best to promote websites. With this Advanced Website Uptime Monitor, you can simply check the uptime and the response time of a website.
Our website monitor gives you an advanced uptime overview of your websites.
Once a website goes down, you’ll be notified immediately through e-mail, desktop notification or Pushbullet, if the website is back online you’ll be notified as well. For more visit this.


– Add, edit or delete websites
– Crawl website to get response code and time
– Daily Statistics
– Today Uptime
– History
– Desktop and email notification when down and back online
– Web based configuration
– Let users add their own servers
– User accounts
– Widgets for other websites
– Language system


1. Webserver (apache recommended)
2. File Access
3. PHP 5.3 or higher (PHP 5.4 or higher recommended)
4. MySQL 5.1 or higher (MySQL 5.5 or higher recommended)
5. PHP MySQLi extension
6. PHP cURL extension
7. Cronjob access
8. PHP mail() (recommended)

1. The system might work on PHP 5.2 but some features are disabled. We’d recommend you to update your PHP version.
2. Unfortunately for Windows we haven’t figured out how to execute a cronjob. We will update soon as I find out how.

Online demo:

Username: admin
Password: admin

Username: user
Password: user

Website Monitor DEMO Link:

Website Monitor Download Links:           u6t/advmonitor-144.rar.html

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