Are Keyword Tools Vital for Your Online Success

keyword tools
keyword tools

As an Internet marketer, keyword tools are very important. Your entire website revolves around keywords. Your title, your content, and your meta tags are all dependent on keywords. What most marketers do not realize is that the importance of keywords and how they relate to the success of your website is a lot deeper than just that.

Keyword tools importance

Keywords play a crucial role in how your website is ranked with search engines. They are the determining factor for relevancy. Basically, a person will search for a specific term or phrase. The search engine then trolls through the thousands and thousands of websites and tons of information on the Internet to provide the most relevant results to those particular keywords. When your website uses these keywords, and it’s relevance to the content and your website, your rankings are much higher, which makes your website visible to the search engines much faster. So, how do you figure out which keywords will help your website get to this point? You use keyword tools.

What is Keyword Tools

Keyword tools are programs that are used to help suggest specific keywords, as well as relevant keywords. Let’s say, for example, that you have a list of desired keywords and on this list, you have the phrase “dog training tips.” If you were searching for information with that exact phrase, you’re going to get a lot of results, and not all of it may be what you’re looking for. As a website owner, if you were to input that phrase into your keyword tool, you would get a list of other related phrases that you can use to lessen the competition with these other websites. For example, your keyword tools might yield you with suggestions for using “properly training a dog” or “training a dog safely.” It’s these other phrases that you incorporate, in addition to the main phrase, into your content.

Keyword tools are found in two main categories: free and paid. Free keyword tools are often provided by top search engine companies, like Yahoo and Google. They are essential aids to beginning marketers. They serve the general purpose for what they are designed to do, but they are not comprehensive enough for the expert marketer. Eventually, you will need to upgrade to the paid versions.

The paid keyword tools are the ones that are available for a fee, either one time or regularly. These tools are often preferred by marketers with experience because they are more comprehensive in what they provide. While they still perform the same basic function of keyword suggestions and generations, they also provide other things that help marketers with website optimization. These paid versions also provide you with a little more extensive keyword researching abilities, and they possess the capability of generating reports that show which of the variations and keywords are being searched the most and which ones are being overused by competitor websites.

Google Keywords planner tool is the best tool for keyword suggestion.

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