Article Marketing Improve Search Engine Rankings 2019

article Marketing
article Marketing

Article marketing is pretty popular these days. The concept of article marketing has been around for a couple of years but is finally mainstream. This is because it happens to be one of the best methods for developing inbound links to your website and improving search engine rankings.

If you have yet to jump on the article marketing bandwagon, then I suggest that you get started right away. Article marketing is here to stay. So you do not have to be all that concerned that others are using article marketing as well. In fact, article marketing works no matter how many people use it.

Article marketing is effective because you search engines love quality content. Moreover, you are producing content that will be ranked by search engines and including a link back to your website. Content focused around specific keywords is identified by search engines to display when users search on a particular niche or topic of interest. When your article includes links back to your website, you pass the value back to your site.

When you distribute your article to article websites or blogs your article content, your content gets additional exposure. Over time, a Google PR is assigned to the page that your article is on, and if you have links to your website, the page rank is transferred resulting in a boost to your search engine rankings.

A common mistake that is made all too often is when individuals forget to include a link back to their website or worse yet place their link in the wrong way. The best way to develop inbound links is by using keyword rich links. This means you are, usually within the about the author section, is displayed with your keyword, not the usual worldwide web designation.

If not sure about the best method to produce a keyword rich link, search Google for a tutorial or simply the HTML code you need to produce a link in the right way. There are many websites that can provide instructions for creating links that display your keywords in the link text. This is essential if you are going to get the full value of article marketing.

Once you have written your article and included keyword rich links, the next step is to distribute them. Find article directories that have a high Google PR. The value you receive is not just the promise of potential distribution, but the Google PR the website can transfer to your own site.

Many online article websites are not that good at distributing content. To distribute your articles you would have to use a software package or an online distribution service. Therefore, you want to focus on article directories that can provide value in terms of the page rank they pass through to your links. Focus your efforts on the top article directories to put your article marketing in overdrive.

Create articles in your niche and structure them correctly. Your links in the author box or included in the article must use your keywords in the anchor text. Test all of your links to make sure, they work properly. Once you have validated that everything is working properly, distribute your articles to the top article directories.

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