How To Get Maximum Exposure On An Article Directory

maximum exposure
maximum exposure

To get the maximum exposure from any web marketing effort, you need to pay attention to both the advertising side AND natural search engine traffic. Web advertising is much easier as there are many advertising firms that can create compelling copy for the advertising. An often ignored area, or at least undervalued, is building up natural search engine traffic. One of the main reasons is it is harder to build up content around each desired keyword and can encompass a lot of effort. Once done properly, you have built in traffic without spending a dime on marketing costs, and this traffic is permanent. Using an article directory can be an important part of this endeavor and should be utilized for maximum impact.

Using an article directory allows users to post content related to their website, and include links in this content back to their site. Currently, the search engines view some of the more established article directories as an authority source, so any posts to them get added impact in rankings. So ignoring this source of links is a mistake. While it might seem to be a pain to write so much content and submit it over time, in the long run it really pays off.

To get the maximum benefit from using an article directory, you need to be able to spin your content. What is spinning? Its really very simple. It uses a computer program to help dynamically substitute sentences for one another on a random basis, while keeping the read and flow of the work the same. If you wanted to spin this, you could also say “The dogs fur is brown in color” or “The dogs fur is black”. All of the sentences are saying the same thing in a slightly different way – the general content remains the same, only minor details are changed. Doing this with your articles can actually create huge amounts of “new” content from a single article you write. Sure you have to provide the alternatives to substitute with, but then a computer does all the rest. This gives you the best exposure for your work and keeps you from getting penalized by the major search engines for too much duplicate content.

Changing the content around on a main article allows you to submit the content to multiple article directories and not worry about duplicate content.

Sure a few of the same article is fine, but you don’t want 200 copies of the exact article submitted all over the web.

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