How to make $100 in one day with Google Adsense.


The Goal is simple, make $100 US at least one day explicitly from Google AdSense. Simple tips to make a huge profit from Adsense.

I will be developing content sites containing subjects I am interested in to build a traffic base. Some of the questions this project will answer:
How many sites will it take, what type of sites seem to be the best traffic builders? What tactics will I have to use to obtain the best results? How much money will it cost me to get the results I am trying to obtain? What hurdles will I hit when trying to achieve search engine traffic and how will they be overcome? This being a part-time venture, will I be able to allocate enough time/resources to achieve this goal?

THE STRATEGY to earn huge amount from AdSense

    My strategy initially will be just to test the water, add a few ads with no other content/design changes. Well let’s get it started, you can find the monthly progress links underneath the Mad Dog banner at the top of this page. My email is, you are welcome to give me a shout for any reason.

    All the information posted here will be truthful, I am not selling anything so I have no motivation to deceive anyone who visits. Now that we have that out of the way, I am guessing you are here because you have a website(s) and are looking to grow your AdSense earnings. You have probably found all the online manuals you can buy for $97 from those that have already had success, but I chose not to go that route. If they can figure it out, maybe a dork with bad hair can figure it out too.

Prerequisites for starting Adsense:

There are some prerequisites you have to get out of the way before you can enroll and begin to implement the AdSense program:

  • You must have a website! and be comfortable with Internet technologies like(HTML,MACROMEDIA,FRONTPAGE,FTP,JAVASCRIPT,PHP,ASP)
  • One must have interest or hobbies and be able to provide knowledge back to the internet community that is helpful or provide an insight
  • One must have an internet connection(duh), a computer, all the pertinent software, little starting capital, and bring your work ethic. This business is time-consuming

I started a small ATV website back in the late ’90s that listed ATV trails, I did not create it to make money. But since my site has aged so many years it began coming up in the top 5 in search engines. My traffic increased due to this so I started thinking I wonder if I could make $ with it? I was now getting between 100 to 150 unique visitors a day so not a big site by any means but at least some traffic! I began by applying for the AdSense Program

The approval came back within 24 hours and immediately began monetizing my website which was 50 or so pages. This story will continue in the January Updates Page


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