Storage for Contact Form CF7 v2.0


Storage for Contact Form CF7 v2.0

Contact Form 7 Storage stores all Contact Form 7 submissions (including attachments) in your WordPress database (DB). All contact form entries and business leads are stored safely even if the e-mail notifications go missing or get deleted.

Each entry stores the following details about the submission:

  • Individual input field values (also available as individual columns in the exported CSV files).
  • All attachments uploaded to the contact form.
  • Time and date of the entry.
  • E-mail address of the contact form recipient.
  • Subject line of the e-mail that was sent to the contact form recipient.
  • Post or page URL where the contact form was submitted (referer).
  • IP address, browser and device information (user-agent) of the submission.
  • Link to the configuration page for the contact form that was used for submission.
  • Installation

    1. Go to “Plugins → Add New” in the main menu in your WordPress dashboard.
    2. Select the “Upload” tab at the top of the page.
    3. Select the file for the upload and click “Upload”.
    4. Be sure to activate the plugin once it has been uploaded.


    This plugin adds a new section called “Entries” under the “Contact” menu in the WordPress dashboard which lists all of the contact form submissions in a reverse chronological order. Quick preview of each entry to avoid extra clicks.

    Dropdown selectors at the top of the list provide filtering and sorting of the contact form entries by the contact form used for submission and the date of submission.

    Export entries as CSV by using the “Export as CSV” button at the top of the form entry list. Use the contact form filter or the bulk action dropdown to select which submissions to export. Specify the CSV delimiter character (comma, semicolon or tab) for quickly opening the file in MS Excel.

    Free form text search is available for finding specific entries.

    File attachment shortcode [file-field] automatically links to the uploaded file in the notification email instead of just displaying the filename of the uploaded file.

    Reference entry ID and entry URL in the e-mails that get sent to the admin:

    • [storage_entry_id] is replaced with a unique entry ID such as 3212, and
    • [storage_entry_url] generates a link to the entry in the backend accessible only to registered users.

    Please note that Contact Form 7 doesn’t support wrapping variables in square brackets [] such as [[storage_entry_id]]. Please use another set of characters (for example {} or ()).

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