WooCommerce Shipping Tracking v18.1


WooCommerce Shipping Tracking v18.1

WCST will let your clients to easily track their orders. You will be able to associate to every order a shipping company and a tracking number. WCST will display tracking info (Company URL and trackin code) directly in “Complete Order” email and “View Order” page. Your clients just clicking on the link generated by WCST will easily track their orders. WCST has defined more tha 40 shipping companies. Don’t you find the one you need? Don’t worry!! WCST let’s you define your own custom shipping companies (Name and Tracking URL), just add it from WooCommerce -> Shipping tracking options -> Add Custom company tab


You can optionally configure the plugin to automatically import Order shipping tracking form an url pointing to a .csv file. You have just to inser the .csv file url path ( like DropBox file link, http url, etc…) and select the bulk import task time interval!

NOTE: Scheduling task is performed using the WordPress function wp_schedule_event(). It will trigger the scheduled import task at the specified interval ONLY if someone visits your WordPress site. More info at wp_schedule_event reference page.


WCST supports WPML, this lets the shop admin to define HTML Snippets for every language installed.
To add a message for a language, shop admin have only to select the desidered language in the WPML selector, enter the text and the save!


The shop admin can now assign shipping info to an order directly using the “Quick assign” menu without editing every order. Using this menu in just few clicks you can assing shipping info to an order, set its status and optionally resend status notification email to the customer!


You can also selected a “favorite” shipping company on option menu. This will be preselected during tracking code submission!


Fore each shipping rate defined using the native WooCommerce functionalities, the Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce or the Table Rate Shipping by WooThemes you can define a delivery estimation.


The WCST plugin has another useful feature: Estimated shippings dates. The shop admin, simply using a shortcode or setting the automatic estimted date displayoption (in the plugin options menu), can show on products pages the estimated shipping date. This is calculated automatically on the basis of “Estimation rule” that matches that product. The plugin can show both a specific shipping date or a date range in which the product will be showed.
Furthermore if the product is out of stock, the estimated date will not be displayed!

Optionally estimated date can be also showed in Cart/Checkout pages, after each item showed in the product table. To do just enable the special option you find in the plugin options menu.

Last but not least, you can also configure a customized label (translable via WPML) to be showed before the estimated date!

How it works? it’s simple! You have only to do two steps:

FIRST STEP: Estimated dates configuration Using the “Estimated shipping configurator” under the “Shipping tracking” menu, the shop admin can create multiple “Estimation rules”.
For each of them he can select:

  1. Products / Categories / Tags: Selection of products, categories or tags to which the rule applies.
  2. Dispatch / Shipment days: days in which the goods are shipped/dispatched to the courier.
  3. Cut-off hour: if an order is placed befor that hour, the shippment takes place on the same day (if it is a dispatch / shipment day).
  4. Dispatch delay : If this value is specified, the estimated date will be computed starting from the first dispatch day avaiable after the delay (expressed in day).
  5. Holidays / Non working days: days in which shippments cannot take place.

SECOND STEP: Use the shortcode (or setting the automatic estimted date option) on product page In the product page, on the description or short description or any tab, the shop admin can use the special [wcst_show_estimated_date]shortcode to display the estimated shipping date.
In alternative the shop admin can enable the the automatic estimted date option display (in the plugin options menu).

The plugin will tehn calculate the date finding the “Estimation” rule that matches the item. The plugin will automatically find the next working day where the item can be shipped.
Further more, on the product list a new column is added displaying the Estimated shipping rule that matches the product.


Using the special shortcode [wcst_tracking_form] a tracking form can be displayed in any post/page that will allow the user to choose the shipping company (using a select menu) and input the tracking code and to be redirected to the shipping company tracking page.
The tracking code can also be used with the parameters:

  1. company_id (company id can be retreived in the company configuration page): [wcst_tracking_form company_id=”“] In this way the shipping company will be already selected (the shipping company select menu is thus hidden).
  2. button_classes[wcst_tracking_form button_classes=”class1 class2”] in this way the specified classes will be added to the tracking button.

Additionally, you can also use the special track_in_site paramenter to directly show shipping current status directly in site! read more about it in the previous Track shipping tracking in site paragraph!


Create a custom company and then enable the “Aftership service” or the “TrackingMore” option. The plugin will automatically generate the tracking url using the Aftership/TrackingMore service and the tacking code inserted in the order page! (Note:The standard track.aftership.com and track.trackingmore.com url are used. Make sure the shipping company you are using is supported by Aftership/TrackingMore)


Opening the admin order detail page, the shop admin will automatically have the focus on the input tracking code field. This could be useful for bar code scanners (Note:Some 3rd party plugin could breake this feature).
Furthermore, the plugin lets the shop admin to search orders by tracking code and shipping companies by using the default “Search Order” input box already present on the WooCommerce orders page!

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