ZipFileMe v2.5.1 – Secure and Easy File sharing

Secure and Easy File sharing
Secure and Easy File sharing

Secure and Easy File sharing like ZipFile is a file hosting and sharing script. You can use this script to securely host your files to popular file hosting services or your own server and share by adding email address or link.

Secure and Easy File sharing Features:

ZipFile boasts the following features to help you save time and share files easily:

  • Simple drag and drop File upload system
  • Can Share files with multiple recipient at once
  • Can Download all files at once by zipping them automatically
  • Streamed Zip and download, so less resource dependency on server
  • Use Amazon S3 as file storage
  • Use backblaze b2 as file storage
  • Send Email Notifications to sender and receivers
  • Link can be shared with anyone
  • Ability to share already shared files to anyone without downloading files
  • Ability to add remove files from already shared link
  • 30 days validity of every share
  • Backend access to view all share codes and list other details
  • Login to backend to see the list of shares
  • Download Zipped files from backend directly
  • Delete Share files
  • Ban Users IP

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